About Us

Marquee Trivia was started in 2019 by Wesley Emblidge and James Macon, two staff members from Independent Film Festival Boston.

Feeling a severe lack of challenging film trivia in the Boston area, we created this monthly trivia night to help bring the city’s film community closer together. Every month we dive into movie marginalia, Oscars history, box office stats, [insert uproariously funny, critically acclaimed, extremely relatable, and slightly spicy movie joke here], and more! Not to mention: we have fabulous film-related prizes for the winning team.

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See you at trivia!

About The Hosts

James Macon

James studied Film Production with a focus on Directing at Emerson College. While in college, he began volunteering with the Independent Film Festival Boston (IFFBoston) where he is now the Director of Operations. By day James is a Web Developer making more internet by the hour.

Wesley Emblidge

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Wesley Emblidge came to Boston in 2013 to study film at Emerson College. Today, Wesley works at the Coolidge Corner Theatre as the Marketing & Education Coordinator, and is the Multimedia Director at the Independent Film Festival Boston (IFFBoston). He has also written extensively about Hollywood films of the 1940s on oldhollywoodtimes.com, a website he began as a student.

Our Community Partners

We’re grateful to have support from these local film institutions: